It is a fine line to walk, that chain of silk

Disclaimer: Medieval-Fantasy RPG. Adults 18+ Only.


 Photo Art by BK Hook


Travel Through the Portal

Welcome to the Realms of Vel'spar, home of the SlaversDen Tavern!

Through the portal, you have entered into a land as beautiful as it is harsh and volatile. In these lands are beings of all sorts of human and humaniod likeness.  

But be warned...raids, pillaging, and slavery are but the surface of what a barbarian's life is here and for those who dare venture here.  For those who are from here and live here, this is normal and to be expected in and from the realms in Vel'spar.

 Hunters and clansmen, fathers and friends, slaves and companions.  Those that live here and are from here will be thought of as barbarians for their ways. Known by few and understood by far less..


Tavern Job Openings

  • Tavern Guards - guards that specifically sentry and protect the building and its land, as well as the slaves that serve the tavern (Contact AIM Screen Name: Sahjila or send an email to

  • Tavern Slaves - serve, clean, cook, and/or alcoves (Contact AIM Screen Name: Sahjila or send an email to These slaves can come from different backgrounds as long as they are medieval/fantasy. Theses slave can be anything from working slaves to pleasure slaves, though pleasure slaves need to take their more adult activities to Instant Messaging or Private Rooms)


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